The ReSEARCH Station Has Been Googled

Can’t find what you’re looking for on the library’s website, the ReSEARCH Station? Use the new Site Search function we recently installed on our homepage . Simply enter your term in the site search box, for example historic photographs, and press the Go button. Your first result takes you to the Special Collections page where you can access over 2900 digitized historic photographs. Site Search can be used to locate information on our website and direct you to search tools and databases. But if you’re looking for books, use the catalog ; or if it’s articles that are eluding you try our research guides which will help you find appropriate databases for your topic.

Contributed By Kathy Glanville

My Library Account and Campus Portal ID Tie the Knot

Have you memorized the Library ID number on your Wildcat Card?

If you have, you will be disappointed to learn that we have recently changed the authentication needed to access your Library Account from the Meriam Library Catalog. Whereas before you needed to enter the 14 digit Library ID number (20200*@#!***%#) on the back of your Wildcat Card, we have switched to Campus Portal ID access. Now you can securely access your Library Account from any computer to check on due dates, renew books, and save preferred searches, using the same ID you use to access your portal account and email. We think that’s a plus plus!!

[The exception: if you are a guest patron you’ll still be required to authenticate using your name and library barcode number.]

Contributed by Sarah Blakeslee

Catch a Library Tour

Want to get to know the library better?
Meet in the lobby at noon on any of the days below to take a guided tour of the building.
Friday January 25
Monday – Wednesday January 28-30
Monday – Wednesday February 4-6

If you can’t fit one of these guided tours into your schedule, an MP3 library tour is available for downloading at or check out a player with the tour preloaded in Limited Loan on the 1st Floor of the Library. There is also a walking tour handout available on the 2nd floor.
{posted by Sarah Blakeslee}

Welcome to the Library Channel

You pose questions to yourself on a daily basis — do I trust this website enough to cite it in my paper? What was that recent privacy thing involving the Facebook news feed? Does the library have any new books in my major, and how late are they open today?

The Library Channel is how you can keep informed about information issues that affect you and the questions you find yourself asking as a result. We blog about library specific stuff, such as what a reference librarian is and how s/he can help you conduct your research, and also about digital information issues of interest to to you as a student (or a professor, or a staff member), such as navigating the world of social media or evaluating the trustworthiness of a website.

Thanks for taking a look at the Channel and for contributing your thoughts!