Meriam Library in the Huffington Post

Meriam Library was mentioned in the Huffington Post! Check out this article  After Trump Was Elected, Librarians Had To Rethink Their System For Fact-Checking. The library’s CRAAP Test, created by librarian Sarah Blakeslee several years ago, was cited in the article. “The American Library Association wants to help you distinguish real news from fake with the help of CRAAP.”

The CRAAP Test (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose) has been requested, granted permission, and used by many libraries worldwide, and now the national news!

SimplyMap on trial through March 24

SimplyMap is an Internet-based mapping application that enables users to develop interactive thematic maps and reports using thousands of demographic, business, and marketing data variables. The trial allows access the EASI ® Standard Package, which includes data from the year 2000, 2010, Current Estimates, Five Year Projections, the Historical Package featuring Census data, EASI MRI & Life Stages Package, D&B’s Complete US Company Database, Nielsen Financial CLOUT, Retail Market Power, Consumer Buying Power, Nielsen ConneXions, Nielsen P$YCLE, Experian SimmonsLOCAL® and Nielsen PRIZM® Data Packages and the AGS Health Care module.

Content details of these data packages are below.

To access the account, go to and click “Sign in as guest”.

The data package content details are:

The Standard Package incorporates the following data:

  •     Demographic Variables
  •     Retail Sales, Store Groups, and Food Service Variables
  •     EASI Sales and Other Potential Variables
  •     EASI Quality of Life Variables
  •     Consumer Price Index Variables
  •     General Employment (by Place of Work)
  •     General Establishment (by Place of Work)
  •     Detailed Employment (by Place of Work)
  •     Detailed Establishments (by Place of Work)
  •     Detailed Consumer Expenditure Variables
  •     EASI Profile Variables
  •     Ancestry Tabulations

EASI/Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) Propensity Data incorporates the following data:

  •     EASI/MRI Automotive
  •     EASI/MRI Beverages
  •     EASI/MRI Sports
  •     EASI/MRI Ailments, Remedies
  •     EASI/MRI Apparel
  •     EASI/MRI Appliances
  •     EASI/MRI Attitudes/Lifestyles
  •     EASI/MRI Baby
  •     EASI/MRI Computers
  •     EASI/MRI Electronics
  •     EASI/MRI Family Restaurants
  •     EASI/MRI Fast Food
  •     EASI/MRI Financial
  •     EASI/MRI Grocery
  •     EASI/MRI Insurance
  •     EASI/MRI Internet
  •     EASI/MRI Leisure
  •     EASI/MRI Media
  •     EASI/MRI Personal Care
  •     EASI/MRI Pets
  •     EASI/MRI Purchasing
  •     EASI/MRI Telephony
  •     EASI/MRI Travel
  •     EASI/MRI Video

EASI Life Stage Clusters incorporate the following data:

Age of Head of Household

  •     Very Young (Under 25 Yrs)
  •     Young (25 to 34 Yrs)
  •     Middle Age (35 to 44 Yrs)
  •     Late Middle Age (45 to 54 Yrs)
  •     Nearly Senior (55 to 64 Yrs)
  •     Senior (65 to 74 Yrs)
  •     Oldest (75 Plus Yrs)

Marital Status

  •     Married with Children
  •     Single Parent with Children
  •     Married No Children
  •     Non-Family (& Unrelated Individuals)

Income Level

  •     Lower Income
  •     Moderate Income
  •     Higher Income

The Historical Package incorporates the following data:

  •     1980 Census in year 2000 & 2010 Geographies
  •     1990 Census in year 2000 & 2010 Geographies
  •     Additional year 2000 & 2010 Census Variables in year 2000 & 2010 Geographies
  •     Additional Current Year Census Estimates
  •     Additional 5 Year Census Projections

The Financial CLOUT Database incorporates the following data:

  •     Credit cards—American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover
  •     Installment loans— Auto loans/leases, student loans, education loans, mortgages and equity loans
  •     Lines of credit—Personal and home equity lines of credit
  •     Deposit products—Demand deposit accounts, savings accounts and CDs
  •     Investment products—Annuities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, securities and brokerage services
  •     Retirement products—IRAs, 401(k)s, Keoghs and private pensions
  •     Delivery channels—ATM/debit card usage, online banking and direct deposit

Nielsen Retail Market Power Incorporates the following data:

  •     Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers
  •     Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores
  •     Electronics and Appliances Stores
  •     Building Material and Garden Equipment Stores
  •     Food and Beverage Stores
  •     Health and Personal Care Stores
  •     Gasoline Stations
  •     Clothing & Clothing Accessories Stores
  •     Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, Music Stores
  •     General Merchandise Stores
  •     Miscellaneous Store Retailers
  •     Non-Store Retailers
  •     Food service and Drinking Places

Nielsen Consumer Buying Power incorporates the following data:

  •     Food
  •     Housing
  •     Apparel and Services
  •     Transportation
  •     Health Care
  •     Entertainment
  •     Personal care products and services
  •     Reading
  •     Education
  •     Tobacco products and smoking supplies
  •     Miscellaneous
  •     Cash contributions
  •     Life, endowment, annuities, and other personal insurance
  •     Retirement, pensions, and Social Security

The Nielsen P$YCLE Package incorporates the following data:

  •     Financial Elite
  •     Fiscal Fledglings
  •     Flourishing Families
  •     Mass Middle Class
  •     Metro Mainstream
  •     Midscale Matures
  •     Retirement Blues
  •     Upscale Earners
  •     Upscale Empty Nests
  •     Upwardly Mobile
  •     Wealthy Achievers
  •     Working-Class USA

The Nielsen ConneXions Package incorporates the following data:

  •     Early-Adopting Elite
  •     Elderly Traditionalists
  •     Emerging Techies
  •     Frugal Folks
  •     Mature Mid-Techs
  •     Offline Seniors
  •     Suburban Spenders
  •     Wireless White-Collars
  •     Young & Wireless
  •     Young Startups

The AGS Health Care module includes the following diagnostic categories:

  •     Nervous System
  •     Eye
  •     Ear – Nose – Throat – Mouth
  •     Respiratory System
  •     Circulatory System
  •     Digestive System
  •     Hepatobiliary System and Pancreas
  •     Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue
  •     Skin/Subcutaneous Tissue and Breast
  •     Endocrine / Nutritional / Metabolic System
  •     Kidney and Urinary Tract
  •     Male Reproductive System
  •     Female Reproductive System
  •     Pregnancy / Childbirth / Puerperium
  •     Blood & Blood Forming Organs and Immunological Disorders
  •     Myeloproliferative
  •     Infectious and Parasitic
  •     Mental Diseases and Disorders
  •     Burns
  •     Factors Influencing Health Status
  •     Multiple Significant Trauma
  •     HIV Infection
  •     Other and Non-Classifiable

The Simmons Data Package covers hundreds of categories under general topics including but not limited to:    Lifestyle (Demographics & Statements)

  •     Hispanics Only (Special Demographics & Media)
  •     Computers/Internet
  •     Media
  •     Entertainment/Leisure
  •     Travel
  •     Food (Baking, Condiments, Dairy, Frozen, General, Meat & Snacks/Deserts)
  •     Beverages (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic)
  •     Daily Activity
  •     Dining
  •     Apparel
  •     Shopping
  •     Health & Beauty Aids
  •     Medicine/Drugs/Ailments
  •     Tobacco
  •     Telecom
  •     Financial Services
  •     Household Products
  •     Cleaning Products
  •     Pets & Pet Food
  •     Home Improvements
  •     Home Furnishings & Appliances
  •     Lawn & Garden
  •     Electronics
  •     Automotive

The Nielsen PRIZM & PRIZM Premier Package incorporates the following data:

  •     Second City Society
  •     City Centers
  •     Micro-City Blues
  •     Elite Suburbs
  •     The Affluentials
  •     Middleburbs
  •     Inner Suburbs
  •     Landed Gentry
  •     Country Comfort
  •     Middle America
  •     Rustic Living
  •     Urban Uptown
  •     Midtown Mix
  •     Urban Cores
  •     Accumulated Wealth
  •     Young Accumulators
  •     Mainstream Families
  •     Sustaining Families
  •     Affluent Empty Nests
  •     Conservative Classics
  •     Cautious Couples
  •     Sustaining Seniors
  •     Midlife Success
  •     Young Achievers
  •     Striving Singles

The D&B US Company Database offers the following fields of data:

  •     Legal Name
  •     Business Name
  •     Business Name 2 (if applicable)
  •     Business Name 3 (if applicable)
  •     Business Name 4 (if applicable)
  •     Business Name 5 (if applicable)
  •     Street Address
  •     City
  •     State
  •     Zip Code
  •     Phone Number
  •     Primary NAICS Code
  •     Other NAICS Codes (up to 5 altogether – if applicable)
  •     Primary SIC Code
  •     Other SIC Codes (up to 5 altogether – if applicable)
  •     Mailing Address
  •     Mailing Address City
  •     Mailing Address State
  •     Mailing Address ZIP Code
  •     Web Address (URL)
  •     Sales Volume
  •     Total Employees
  •     Year Started
  •     Local Employees
  •     Key Contact Person
  •     Key Contact Title
  •     Key Contact Phone Number
  •     Brief Business Description
  •     DUNS Number
  •     Public or Private Company Indicator
  •     Single Location or Branch Location Status
  •     Primary NAICS Description
  •     Primary SIC Description



Social Explorer on trial through March 17

The Meriam Library has been given trial access to Social Explorer. Social Explorer is an online research tool designed to provide quick and easy access to historical census data and demographic information. It creates fast, intuitive, and appealing maps and reports to help users visually analyze and understand demography and social change throughout history. The site currently includes the entire US Census history from 1790 to 2000, all annual updates from the American Community Survey, and the Religious Congregations and Membership Study from 1980 to 2000. The site is updated three times annually with new data – the 2010 US Census will be available shortly after its release – and new features will be continually added.

Black History Month in Meriam Library

February is Black History Month and the Meriam Library has designed and created a display on black women activists from the 1900s to current.  Browse the display on the second floor of the library to see a timeline of seminal events during this period, photos of women, and their inspiring quotes. On the other side of the display are a diverse assortment of books on black women and black history-all of these books can be checked out. Be sure to help yourself to a button with either inspirational words or photos of these amazing women.

Black History

America’s News on trial through June 30, 2017

The Meriam Library has been given trial access to America’s News, which is a large, up-to-date collection of newspaper content from local, regional and national sources. Included in the trial is historical content for the Sacramento Bee, and the San Francisco Chronicle, giving us access to the full archives, and current content for these two newspapers.

The Meriam Library is planing to subscribe to this resource, beginning the 2017/2018 academic year. It is intended as a replacement to the news resources in Lexis Nexis, to which we will lose access on June 1, 2017.  (Our current subscription to Westlaw will serve as our source to the legal content covered in Lexis Nexis.)