APA Style CENTRAL on trial through Nov. 2

The Meriam Library has been given trial access to APA Style CENTRAL. This resource provides support for writing research papers in APA Style. It offers tutorials on writing and APA style, tools to help you format and organize your references, and there is a word processor that automatically formats your paper in APA Style as you write. There is also guide to research journals in psychology.

Please note, when accessing the trial, you must create a personal login account. This will allow you to use the writing and research features.

Scopus on trial through September 30, 2016



The Meriam Library has been given trial access to Scopus. Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize scholarly research. With Scopus, you can see who is citing your articles, retrieve metrics on journals, and much more.

To learn more about Scopus, the Meriam Library will be hosting a Brown Bag Scopus demo on September 15, 2016 from noon to 1:00 in Rm. 226 in the Library. You may also find help resources for Scopus here.

Kanopy Streaming Videos on trial through April 30.

The Meriam Library has been given trial access to Kanopy, which is a streaming video site featuring over 20,000 titles from leading educational film producers. Our trial includes only a portion of the content available on Kanopy. During the trial, we will be able to view the Media Education Foundation titles, as well as a selection of Nursing videos. We will also be able to browse the other videos not included in the trail.

Films on Demand on trial through February 28.

The Meriam Library has been given trial access to Films on Demand. This is  an online collection of streaming videos intended for use in higher education institutions. There are over 12,000 full-length videos available covering a broad range of academic subjects, including business and economics, science and mathematics, humanities and social science, as well as health and medicine. There is also a collection of archival films and newsreels.

National Geographic Virtual Library on trial through Nov. 29

The Meriam Library has been given trial access to the National Geographic Virtual Library. This resource offers online access to the full range of National Geographic issues published from 1888 to the present. The issues appear online the same as they do in print, including supplemental maps and advertisements. The online version offers a search feature, plus indexing for feature articles, brief articles, and advertisements.