JSTOR Connection Issues

We have been experiencing connection issues with JSTOR today (10/12/15). We have reported the problem and have heard from many libraries who are also experiencing the same issues.

The main issues:

– JSTOR connecting slowly or timing out

– If connected, JSTOR does not recognize our institution and does not provide access to the article

What should you do?

There is no estimate of when this issue will be resolved. For the time being, save your citation and check back later.

Another option is to see if the article is available from another source. To do this, search the title of the journal in the Meriam Library Catalog.

Once you search the journal title, see if there is another database that has your article. Check the date coverage for that database. If another database has coverage for the date of your article, open that database and go to the correct volume/issue and page.  We may also have the journal in print in the library, check the dates of the print to see if it is held in the library. You are welcome to come to the library and photocopy the article.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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