Westlaw has a new look! The Westlaw interface has been updated and re-branded as WestlawNext.

The Meriam Library subscribes to the Campus Version of WestlawNext which provides the content legal students need to become proficient in legal research. The only difference between WestlawNext and the previous version of Westlaw is the interface, the content is exactly the same.

In WestlawNext you will find:

  • State and federal statutes
  • American Law Reports
  • American Jurisprudence 2d
  • Law Reviews and Journals
  • Black’s Law Dictionary
  • Court cases from around the country including:
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • California Federal District Court
  • California Bankruptcy Courts
  • California Supreme Court
  • California Court of Appeal

In WestlawNext it is not necessary to select a jurisdiction, the main search box searches all WestlawNext content. If you would like to narrow a search down by jurisdiction, click the drop-down menu after the search box and narrow your search to a specific jurisdiction.

If you have any questions about searching for legal information, please contact Jodi Shepherd at jrshepherd@csuchico.edu or 898-5499.


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