New Collection Locations in the Meriam Library

Several changes in the Meriam Library have taken place this summer to upgrade study space and improve the look and research atmosphere of the building. To further these goals, several collections were consolidated, reconfigured and/or relocated.

2nd floor: The Microform Collection is now in the northeast section of the open floor and is housed with the streamlined Map Collection, while the obsolete Periodicals counter was removed to provide more open study space. The Popular Book and Magazine collections were then relocated to the space once occupied by the counter, while the Graduate lockers found a new home along the wall of the atrium stairway.

3rd floor: The Folio Collection was consolidated and shifted so that the entire collection is now housed in the southwest section of the open floor between the public elevator bank and Special Collections. This change has permitted an upgrade in silent study space on the west end of the floor.

4th floor: The Government Document collections (U. S. and State of California) were consolidated and shifted to the southwest section of the floor, opening considerable new collaborative and group study space on the floor’s  south bridge.

posted by Library Building Management

Published by

Michael Watts

Staff at California State University, Chico.

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