Schedule an Information Literacy Session for your Course!

Information literacy is the ability to think critically about finding and using information for a specific purpose, whether for educational research, on the job decision making, or personal need. The mission of the information literacy program is to incorporate information literacy into the university curriculum by focusing our efforts on teaching students these skills during the process of research.

The Meriam Library offers information literacy instruction sessions for every level and course at CSU, Chico. Sign up today for information literacy sessions on:

  • Choosing a quality research topic
  • Searching for information
  • Evaluating information quality
  • Synthesizing information into research

The information literacy program at Chico strives to uphold these information literacy outcomes:

Outcome #1: Identify a research question and craft a clear, manageable thesis.

Outcome #2: Skillfully find information related to their research question.

Outcome #3: Think critically in order to evaluate and synthesize information into their research product.

Outcome #4: Ethically use information.

Additionally, you are encouraged to use these information literacy tools in your course:

Please contact Kevin Klipfel (898-4990; the Information Literacy Coordinator for more information on the information literacy program, or additional ways to incorporate information literacy into your courses.


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