Passport GMID published by Euromonitor on Trial

Euromonitor’s Passport GMID database is the premier international market research resource for BA and MBA programs worldwide. The trial version consists of the entire Passport database for 208 countries worldwide, but in reality, we would be able to afford to subscribe to a limited package which would include
• coverage of 24 consumer industries across 4 regions (see below)
• 100% industrial coverage of the top 18 economies, including the U.S
• Over 10 million macro/socio-economic statistics covering up to 208 countries : Economy, Finance & Trade; Government, Labour & Education; Income and Expenditure; ndustry, Infrastructure & Environment; Population and Homes; Technology, Communications and Media

Due to budget limitations, we are looking at selecting four of these regions:

Western Europe: Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; United Kingdom
Eastern Europe: Belarus; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Georgia; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; Poland; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Ukraine;
North America: Canada; US
Latin America: Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Guatemala; Mexico; Peru; Spain; Uruguay; Venezuela
• Asia-Pacific: Azerbaijan; China; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; Pakistan; Philippines; Singapore; South Korea; Taiwan; Thailand; Uzbekistan; Vietnam
Australasia: Australia; New Zealand
Africa and Middle East: Algeria; Cameroon; Egypt; Iran; Israel; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Morocco; Nigeria; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; Tunisia; United Arab Emirates

Trial Access: Passport GMID Trial ends August 24, 2012

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