Chico Digital Collections

There is a new link on the Library ReSEARCH Station page leading to CSU Chico Digital Collections. Chico Digital Collections uses ContentDM, a digital exhibit system, to house and manage our unique digital collections and make them accessible to the campus, community, and the world. View CSU, Chico yearbooks from 1920-1970, learn about the Chico Army Air Field that operated during World War II north of town, or read diaries from early N.E.California settlers to get a sense of daily life and commerce in the North Valley in the early 1900’s. Our Special Collections Department is continuously digitizing and adding to this collection which will eventually include photographs, maps, documents and manuscripts, so check back often.

In addition to adding the Chico Digital Collections link, we now have only one link (Articles & Databases by Subject) to take you to the page that has an alphabetically listing of subjects you can use to connect to relevant databases. Previously there were two links that went to that page (Databases by Subject and Journal Articles by Subject) but with the addition of the Chico Digital Collections link we decided to eliminate one of them so 1) there would be enough room for the new link and 2) we could reduce the confusion that people had over two links going to the same place.

Posted by Sarah Blakeslee, Interim University Librarian

3 thoughts on “Chico Digital Collections”

  1. I am researching the chinese school in Marysville and have exhausted all of the local resources. Do you have any info or research about the school?


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