New Library ReSEARCH Station

Welcome to our new, improved, Library ReSEARCH Station. Using current best practice and user comments to help us in our redesign, the new ReSEARCH Station offers more intuitive navigation and additional services.
Some of the major changes are:

• The Periodicals List is gone. Use Search For/A Specific Journal Title instead. All our journals, both electronic and paper, are now searchable through the library catalog.

• The Article Quick Search box on the homepage allows users to search across twenty databases with one search to find articles on almost any subject.

• The Ask A Librarian Instant Messaging service has moved to the first page.

• New Research and Subject Guides pages give students access to up to date resources by subject or for classes.

Come check it out!

Contributed by Sarah Blakeslee

2 thoughts on “New Library ReSEARCH Station”

  1. In switching from the “Periodicals List” to “Search For/A Specific Journal Title,” we lost the ability to search using a root word to find all periodicals pertaining to a subject (e.g. archaeo for all archaeological journals, herpeto for all amphibian and reptile journals). If you know the specific title this switch is fine, btu it is terrible if you are unsure if the title is journal of archaeological science or journal of archaeology and science.

    The format is also more difficult to read. If the periodical titles were in bold instead of red, browsing through several pages of titles would be easier.

    In general this is not an improvement.


  2. Hi Kristina,
    Thanks for your comment. I am happy to say that the new Search For/A Specific Journal Title has the same functionality as the old Periodicals list. If you want to search for all journals with the root archaeo anywhere in the title, you can use the drop down menu and select Keyword and type in archaeo* (don’t forget the asterisk). This is actually a more complete list of the journals we have in a particular area because the periodicals list only looked at the title of the journal while the Library Catalog will search available subject headings as well as the title and, as you know, the title of a journal is not always reflective of its content.
    We are keeping a list of comments and will add your concern about the font type and format to the list. That is something that can certainly be changed if enough people find it troublesome.


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