A New Way To Search The Library Databases

The Library is pleased to introduce Multi-SEARCH, a new tool that helps you save time by searching multiple databases simultaneously. The top 30 results from each database are merged into one list and displayed by relevance. The same full text linking features you have enjoyed in our individual databases are integrated into Multi-SEARCH allowing you to either directly access the html or PDF full text, or use Find It, the SFX technology to display other options for full-text retrieval.

You can use our general Multi-SEARCH off the main ReSEARCH Station page for quick searches (searches the Library Catalog, Academic Search & JSTOR), or, if you are doing more comprehensive research within a subject area, select your subject under Research Guides or Find Information About and search up to nine databases relevant to that subject using subject Multi-SEARCH . The subject MultiSEARCH feature allows you to customize the databases selected and to search by title, author or subject, as well as keyword. You can also change the order your results are displayed from the default relevancy ranking, to date, title, or author.

Try Multi-SEARCH today and let us know what you think. We hope it makes your research easier!

Contributed by Sarah Blakeslee

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